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SDLC Services



Software Development Life Cycle Services

We are a mature Software Development house with team members who have developed large enterprise-class systems for corporations world wide. We understand what it takes to deliver a quality software product from concept to delivery and all the steps in-between. We have handled successfully, all aspects of software projects from Requirements gathering, Architecture, High and Low level design, Coding, Testing, User Acceptance Testing and finally launching and supporting a mission-critical product in production. Our developers use a multitude of languages including Java, C, C++, C#, VB, Cobol and all languages in the MS .Net family and languages and scripts required for Web programming. We do applied research and development and new product design for our customers in the areas of web technologies, telecommunications, computers and computer programming and information technology. We also provide consulting services in the areas of computers and computer software and computer systems, quality assurance and testing, information system design, database design and administration and network design and administration; and we offer project management in the area of information technology.

We also have a Test team that specializes in Manual as well as Automated testing using industry-standard tools.


Data Modeling, Reporting, and OLAP

These are essential skills for almost any IT project. We pride ourselves in people who take the trouble to understand the business and related data and know how to model data for relational as well as non-relational technologies. We have expertise in relational databases such as Oracle, Sybase and DB2 and OLAP technology from Hyperion and Microsoft.


eCommerce and Web Applications

We take great pride in our Web designers who come from a graphic design and art background and have learnt the ways of the Web. You can be guaranteed their designs are original and one of a kind. Our designers are up to date with the latest GUI techniques and tools and usability best practices.


Embedded and Small Systems development

Our experience in this field comes from two diverse areas - work in Networking products and work in Retail (POS systems, scanners etc). Some of our senior staff are Telecom veterans!


Information Security

Information Security has become an integral part of the business scene in the developed world. We pride ourselves in following best practices and maintaining a safe and secure Information environment for our customers and ourselves. We make no compromises when it comes to security. Security and Quality are our top priorities and go hand in hand.

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